Thursday, May 24th

Casa d’Avenida

All through the house

Music for welcoming you to the 2018 Festival, created by young composers from Setúbal Regional Conservatorio and performed by young musicians from the Festival Camerata in response to the exhibition Por toda a Casa (All through the house).

Free Admission

Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

At Home

Celina da Piedade . voice, accordion and composer
João Gil . guest artist
Amigos do Independente . Alentejo chant
Coral Infantil de Setúbal . Choir
Santiago Olodum . Percussion

This concert sets the tone of the whole Festival in celebrating the creativity of both international stars and local children, who together share the stage. Home has been a recurring theme in Celina da Piedade’s work, identifying strongly with the rich traditions of the Alentejo region.

10.00 €

Friday, May 25th

10.30 – 12.00
Auditório José Afonso
Av. Luísa Todi . Fórum Mun. Luísa Todi

Rhythm of Life


Fernando Molina . Project coordinator
Conservatório Regional de Setúbal . Percussion ensemble

Hundreds of young people from Setúbal’s schools and community groups have been preparing once again for the annual festival Parade of drumming and cultural expression. Follow the lively rhythms, feel the energy and celebrate the diversity in the musical lives of those for whom this city is home.

Free Admission

18.00 & 19.00
Convento de São Paulo (Quinta de São Paulo, Estrada das Machadas) *

Setúbal (con)Vida

Academia de Música e Belas Artes Luísa Todi
Nunca é Tarde para Sonhar . Theatre group
Patrícia Rosa . Singer
Nicole Viviana . Accordionist

Artistic responses to the character and personality of the city of Setúbal.

Free Admission



Portuguese Symphony Orchestra Setúbal Festival Camerata
Palmela Regional Conservatoire  . Orchestra
Academia Luísa Todi
Setúbal Regional Conservatoire . Orchestra
Nuno Coelho . Conductor

Programme: Sibelius Lemminkäinen and the Maidens of the Island, Britten Peter Grimes, Four Sea Interludes, Smetana Šárka (My Country), António Laertes Patria’s Ouverture, Lopes-Graça Five Old Portuguese Romances, Sibelius Finlandia

Like the different dialects and accents found in the languages spoken around the world, most forms of music carry in their sound-worlds the individual voices of their composers and the distinctive nature of their places. Many composers have drawn on the folk songs and dances or the myths and legends of the places which they call home: some, like those included in this concert, have gone still further and created music which captures the very essence of their homelands and somehow define their national identities. This programme also celebrates Portuguese talent, including Nuno Coelho who won the Prémio Jovens Músicos in 2016, and the festive homecoming of some of Setúbal’s professional musicians currently living and working elsewhere in the world.

10,00 €

Casa d´Avenida

Merit Ariane’s Birdsong

Merit Ariane . Voice
Hyelim Kim . Taegŭm – Korean flute
Alcyona Mick . Piano, arrangements
Louai Alhenawi . Nay – Arabic reed flute
Antonio Romero . Percussion

German-Egyptpian singer and composer, Merit Ariane, and her multinational band create a unique blend of music that finds its home in many cultures: European, Arabic and Far Eastern. This enchanting late-evening concert is inspired by birdsong from around the world.


* Note: please park in “Parque de Merendas de São Paulo” 30 minutes before.

Saturday, May 26th

11.00, 12.00 & 13.00

NINHO (Nest)

Merit Ariane . Singer, composer & project leader
APPACDM & Setúbal Regional Conservatoire
 . Creators & performers

Merit and groups of young people from Setúbal share songs and stories they have created, inspired by the idea of birds’ nests. Birds migrate, traversing real and imaginary boundaries, between countries, between sky and land, magic and reality. They create their homes wherever they migrate – and sing their own songs – here in Mourisca.

3.00 €

Downtown streets & open spaces

Home from Home

Local representatives of the diverse immigrant communities, for whom Setúbal is home, share their music from many parts of the world in the squares, shops streets, cafés…

Free Admission

Palácio da Bacalhôa (Azeitão)

Music for a palace


Palmela Regional Conservatoire  . Ensembles

Free Admission

Igreja de São Simão (Azeitão)

Home and Away

Setúbal Festival Camerata
Ana Sofia Vilares . Flute
Nuno Coelho . Conductor

Programme: Mozart Salzburg Symphony No 3 K138, Luis Tinoco Chant for East Timor, Panufnik Hommage a Chopin, Mozart Salzburg Symphony No 1 K136

A short concert in which one of our foremost contemporary Portuguese composers reaches out to embrace the people of East Timor in troubled times and a prominent composer of the 20th century pays tribute to his illustrious Romantic compatriot, Chopin, framed by two masterpieces written by Mozart for his home city of Salzburg.

Free Admission

Igreja de São Julião

Come visit us in peace − Veni Creator

Ricercare Choir
Setúbal Regional Conservatoire . Choir & percussion
Pedro Teixeira . Conductor

A programme of sacred works, created by some of the most important choral composers of today, including Eric Whitacre’s Cloudburst, framed by the Missa Veni Domine, a Renaissance masterpiece by Filipe de Magalhães.

Free Admission, but booking necessary

Sunday, May 27th

Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

Songs of Home


Setúbal primary schools  . Chairs
Carlos Garcia Band
Celina da Piedade . Guest artist
Carlos Garcia
. Coordination, musical arrangements and conducting

A concert of beautiful songs – inspired by the ideas and feelings of home – created and performed by 250 children of Setúbal.

Free Admission

Casa d’Avenida

Music Therapy

Dr. Simon Procter . Music therapist
Marisa Raposo . Music therapist

Illustrated presentations on music, health, wellbeing and the vital role of Music Therapy in today’s world.

Free Admission, but booking advisable

Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

Home is where our story begins

Setúbal Youth Ensemble
Maria João . Vocalist
Rui Borges Maia . Conductor

The Setúbal Youth Ensemble began in 2014 and has already made its mark at home and abroad as a uniquely diverse ‘orchestra’ of young musicians. Newly commissioned works by Eloise Gynn from Britain and Sara Ross from Portugal reflect the theme of home in different ways. Maria João, one of the world’s leading jazz vocalists, has generously agreed to be “godmother” to the Ensemble.

10,00 €


12th – 28th May

11.00 – 18.00 Tuesday to Sunday
Casa d’Avenida

All through the house (Por toda a Casa)

Maria João Frade . Artist
Graça Pinto Basto . Artist

24th – 27th May

Café d’Casa

Posters for a Festival

Exhibition of proposals for promotional images, inspired by the 2018 Setubal Music Festival theme of home and created by students of D. João II secondary school.

Monday 28th May

9.00 – 18.15
Auditório do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

Music, Health & Wellbeing


Programme: Music Therapy – Music Edu – cation for Special Needs – Music Medicine – Music and Wellbeing

International best practice presented, illus – trated and discussed with leading practi – tioners from Portugal and the UK

20.00€ for general public
Free admission for music, health and edu – cation professionals and students – reser – vations essential