Welcome to the 10th Anniversary of the Setúbal Festival!

Reaching this milestone in these unprecedented times, is a testament to the support and talent of the team and of the people of Setúbal, who have embraced the Festival since the beginning. This year we have had to adapt and although many of us have been apart physically, through all the music making there has been a palpable sense of togetherness.

The theme of the 2020 Festival is ‘Listening’, the essence of what makes co-creation and collaboration flourish. This is a truly inclusive festival and we invite you to listen to the singing and playing of the children, the young musicians, the professional soloists, choirs and orchestras – but also to listen to the silence, bringing our attention to what is beyond the music and to things that were perhaps previously not so visible as we reflect on where we are today.

The Festival this year showcases the home grown talent of Setúbal. Guest artists include the delightful Setúbal-born singers Sofia Vitória and Cátia Oliveira, the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra, with their maestro Pedro Carneiro, and the choirs of Voces Celestes and Mãos que Cantam (Hands that Sing). Students from the Conservatório Regional de Setúbal are collaborating with award winning saxophonist João Pedro Silva creating a new mixed media piece. The young musicians of the Festival Camerata will be coming back home from all over Europe, directed again by the award-winning young violinists, André Gaio Pereira, and Sofia Silva Sousa and the Tagus Quartet. Setúbal’s ground-breaking Youth Ensemble, now in its fifth year, has continuously shared its inclusive nature of music-making.

Woven throughout the programme are works of Beethoven who was born 250 years ago – the world renowned composer who famously lost his hearing – but he never lost the ability to listen. Beethoven sought comfort in listening to nature, having the stillness in his awareness and enjoying the fulfilment that this brought him.

Music-making of all genres and participation in performance for local young people have always been the core aim and purpose of the Festival. This year, we see this in new ways where the process has been carried out virtually but where music can still often tell the story with more clarity than words. This will be no more apparent than in the presentation of a film showing the children in APPACDM who have been working with guest leader Merit Ariane towards a memorable and moving performance.

We are always grateful for the continued support of the Helen Hamlyn Trust, the Municipality of Setúbal and to our local partners, institutions and individuals, whose many contributions make it all happen. It is such a privilege to be a part of this Festival in my role as Artistic Director and to work alongside fantastic people here in Setúbal to explore and develop what the Festival can achieve.

Let’s celebrate this season and all its triumphs and continue on this musical journey together!

Artistic Director

20th November (Friday)

9:00 pm
Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

Music and Nature

Portuguese Chamber Orchestra
Setúbal Music Festival Camerata
André Gaio Pereira .
violin and direction
Sofia Sousa .
Pedro Carneiro .

A. Vivaldi – Inverno, Opus 8, No. 4, em Fá m
B. Britten – Lachrymae
L.v. Beethoven – Sinfonia Pastoral

Beethoven, whose 250th birthday is celebrated in 2020, had completely lost his hearing when he composed his Pastoral Symphony: but he never really lost the art of “listening”. In this concert, Beethoven and Vivaldi capture perfectly the sounds of their natural landscapes.

10,00 €

21st November (Saturday)

11:00 am | Session 1
12:00 am | Session 2

Convento de Jesus

Choral Workshop

Filipa Palhares direção

Two choral music workshop for children between 8 and 12 years old. An excellent opportunity to explore and play with their voice.

Free sessions subject to confirmation at a7m.eventos@gmail.com

3:00 pm 
Convento de Jesus

The Seasons

Camerata do Festival de Setúbal
Conservatório Regional de Setúbal . Strings
André Gaio Pereira . Violin, direction

A. Vivaldi – Primavera
A. Vivaldi – Outono, Opus 8, No. 3, em Fá M
Joly Braga Santos – Concert for strings

The beautiful and recently reopened Convento Jesus, is the setting for a moment of reunion and sharing of music and poetry of young professional musicians from Setúbal, who currently live and work in various parts of the world

Free entry subject to invitation

6:00 pm
Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

Silence that stands on dancing words

A Garota não
Academia Dança Contemporânea de Setúbal

Cátia Oliveira . voice and guitar
Diogo Sousa . drums and percussion
Sérgio Mendes . guitars and production
Alunos da Academia de Dança Contemporânea de Setúbal

We live in a time of rare silence. From the sound of our phones, to the streets where we talk, everything is vibration,
noise, music and sound. And in the midst of that bustle of sound, we often don’t hear the other. We don’t listen to each other.
Listening is a demanding provocation: it invites to listening with time, feeling and conscience. It invites to ear the breathing, to seeing and feel.

10,00 €

9:00 pm
Igreja de São Julião

Hear my Prayer

Mãos que Cantam . choir
Sérgio Peixoto
. maestro
Coral Infantil de Setúbal
Nuno Batalha
. maestro
Voces Cælestes
. choir
Sérgio Fontão
. maestro
Gonçalo Simões
. piano

Listen to the sound and silence of the choral music, ancient and modern by Filipe de Magalhães, Henry Purcell, Benjamin Britten, Leonard Bernstein, John Cage and James MacMillan, among others.

Free entry subject to invitation

22nd November (Sunday)

11:00 am
Casa da Baía

Sonic Arts

António Laertes . professor
João Pedro Silva . saxophone
Andy Scott, Jorge Salgueiro, Lino Guerreiro, Tiago Ribeiro, Alexandre Sousa . music
Miguel Mares, João Pedro Silva . video
Lemn Sissay . text

A concert created from the synergy of Saxophonist João Pedro Silva – Conservatório Regional de Palmela – and the composition students of professor António Laertes – Conservatório Regional de Setúbal – a dynamic concert, with a strong electronic component and the use of new technologies. The sounds, multiply frequencies, projecting images will transform our experience of an exhibition into something completely different. Pieces of Jorge Salgueiro, Lino Guerreiro, Andy Scott, António Laertes and young composers Tiago Ribeiro, Alexandre Sousa and Bárbara João will be interpreted.

€ 5,00

10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal de Setúbal

Beethoven at Home

Masterclass with Tejo Quartet

Quarteto Tejo
André Gaio Pereira . violin 1
Tomás Soares . violin 2
Sofia Silva Sousa . viola
Beatriz Raimundo . cello

Masterclass of chamber music for strings, which includes works by Beethoven and Mendelssohn. Young and talented musicians from the region learn techniques for interpretation and performance from the Tejo Quartet.

Free entry subject to invitation

3:00 pm
Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal de Setúbal

Beethoven at Home

Quarteto Tejo
André Gaio Pereira . violin 1
Tomás Soares . violin 2
Sofia Silva Sousa . viola
Beatriz Raimundo . cello

L.v. Beethoven – Quarteto de Cordas Nº 7 em Fá M, Op. 59, Nº 1– Razumovsky

Free entry subject to invitation

7:00 pm
Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

Part I – Sounding the difference: Film presentation

Merit Ariane . composer, singer, director
APPACDM – Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disabled Citizen of Setúbal . choir
Conservatório Regional Setúbal choir and contemporary music group
Conservatório Regional de Palmela students from saxophone and trumpet

A social inclusion project, where music is the universal language that unites students of different schools, though their physical or intellectual conditions. Music as the heart language, of gestures and dynamics, of forms of instinctive communication, created from ideas, improvisation, dreams, hope, movement and storytelling.

This musical and cinematographic project, students come together to share and explore their experiences, the reflection on feelings of boredom, asphyxia, sadness, of fun and happiness, in a creative musical process. The way we connect with each other in a virtual world and share our dreams of a better world. An experience that have opened our hears to different ways of listening, communicating and making music.

Part II – Sounding the Future

Ensemble Juvenil de Setúbal
Sofia Vitória . voice
Quarteto Tejo
Miguel Ângelo Conceição . maestro

Throughout its 5 years of existence, the Ensemble Juvenil de Setúbal has shown that music brings people together and celebrates diversity. Embracing the theme of this festival – Listening – and celebrating the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, with the work of Sara Ross, Dear Mr. Beethoven.

€ 7,00
Note: All tickets and invitation must be collected at ticket office from Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi or Bilheteira on line (BOL).