Dear Partners of the Setúbal’s Music Festival,

A7M, Associação Festival de Música de Setúbal would like to formally thank all the effort, delivery and excellent work done by the most diverse players in the projects that have been created and developed during this year.

In such unprecedented times, in which we have re-learned how to listen, reinvented ways of communicating and creating music, we close the year with good news!

We have launched the film Listen to the Difference, involving the children of APPACDM, Conservatório Regional de Setúbal and Conservatório Regional de Palmela.

We have presented filming of the innovative Setúbal Youth Ensemble, which throughout its five years of existence has continuously shared creativity, inclusion, celebrating diversity.
As part of the planned activities the Ensemble will be part of a film for the Culture, Health, and Wellbeing Conference in 2021.

We are immensely grateful for the continued support of the Setúbal Municipality, the Helen Hamlyn Trust and other local partners, institutions and individuals, whose many contributions ensure the continuity of these projects.

We will have news for 2021, and will continue this musical journey together!