Thursday, May 23rd

Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

At Home

Beatriz Nunes . voice
Luís Barrigas . piano
Mário Franco . bass
Jorge Moniz . percussion

Setúbal Regional Conservatoire (SRC) . string quartet
Coral Infantil de Setúbal . voices

Beatriz Nunes’ artistry is wide-ranging, equally at home in popular music, classical singing and jazz, for which she is best known. Joining forces with the musicians of the Regional Conservatory of Setúbal and the voices of the Setúbal Children’s Choir, Beatriz and her Band welcome us all to their Home – the city to which they all belong.


Friday, May 24th

10:30 – 12:00
Cais 3 (Setúbal Port) > Av. Luísa Todi > Praça do Bocage

The River is our Home

Percussion Performance + Parade

Hundreds of young people from Setúbal’s schools and community groups have again been preparing for the annual festival Parade of drumming and cultural expression. Follow the musical journey from the banks of the Sado, along streets built on land where the river once had been and into Bocage Square, originally part of the shoreline but now the city centre.

Fernando Molina . project coordinator

Free Admission

Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho

Camerata in Câmara

Setúbal Festival Camerata
John Kenny . carnyx
André Gaio Pereira . director

Programme: Sibelius Andante Festivo, Nigel Osborne Forest-River-Ocean, Tchaikovsky Serenade

The music of Sibelius and Tchaikowsky, powerfully evoking their respective northern European homelands, provides a perfect frame for Osborne’s work, which captures the elemental music of the ancient Carnyx and the sounds of nature that must have surrounded the instrument’s place of burial 2,000 years ago in northern Scotland.

Free Admission

Igreja de São Julião

Migrating Byrd

Lisbon Superior School of Music . choir
Setúbal Regional Conservatoire . choir
André Gaio Pereira . violin
Alberto Oliveira . conductor
Susana Marques . conductor
Pedro Ferreira . conductor
Paulo Lourenço . conductor

William Byrd’s famous Mass for Four Voices provides the shape of this concert, given by some of Portugal’s finest young vocal talent, framing local choral tropes of sacred texts and punctuated by premières of André Pereira’s four transcriptions for solo violin of Portuguese guitar pieces by Carlos Paredes.

Free Admission, booking in advance

Casa d´Avenida

A Little Night Music

Festival Camerata String Quartet
Joana Praça . violin
Joana Rodrigues . violin
Miguel Sobrinho . viola
Pedro Silva . cello

Programme: Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Borodin String Quartet no. 2 and Eurico Carrapatoso Llaços, Contradanças e Descantes


Saturday, May 25th

10:00 & 11:30
Museu do Trabalho Michael Giacometti

Song Factory

Merit Ariane . composer & project leader
Torbjörn Hultmark . trumpet
APPACDM & SRC . creators & performers

Led by Merit Ariane, groups of young people from Setúbal share songs and stories they have created, inspired by the original purpose of this museum building as a sardine cannery and by the memories of local women who, on hearing the siren call to announce that the latest catch has landed, rushed from their homes to get to work at the factory.


Casa d’Avenida

Coming Home

Setúbal Regional Conservatoire . composers
Festival Camerata String Quartet

Music created by young composers from Setúbal Regional Conservatoire and performed by homecoming musicians from the Festival Camerata in response to the Casa d’Avenida exhibition, exploring the relationships between music and architecture.

Free Admission

Casa d’Avenida

Liquid Architecture and Frozen Music


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), the great German writer, statesman and natural philosopher, once said that “Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music”: his idea suggests that all processes of creation and invention are connected by a human’s need to express something.

Free Admission

Casa d´Avenida

Mahler’s Houses and Composing Huts

Prof. Rui Vieira Nery  . speaker

The idea of Home – local roots and a sense of place – pervades much of Gustav Mahler’s music. The houses he chose to inhabit and the huts he built in which to compose provided vital context and inspiration for his works.

Free Admission, booking in advance

©Rodrigo de Souza

Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

The Heavenly Life

Portuguese Symphony Orchestra
Setúbal Festival Camerata
Palmela Regional Conservatoire (RC) . strings
Setúbal Regional Conservatoire . strings
Ana Quintans . soprano

Joana Carneiro . conductor

Programme: Mahler Adagietto from Symphony no. 5, Mahler Symphony no. 4

The starting point of Mahler’s Symphony no. 4 was a song he had originally composed from a German collection of folk poetry, Des Knaben Wunderhorn, which was a source of inspiration for all his early symphonies. His setting of Das himmlische Leben (The Heavenly Life) became the final movement of his 4th and, only after he had made his home in Maiernigg (Austria) and begun to write in his nearby ‘composing hut’, he was finally able to complete this symphony. The famous Adagietto from Mahler’s Symphony no. 5, a musical love letter to Alma, his new bride, was also composed at his hut in Maiernigg.


Sunday, May 26th

Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

Home and Away

Song-writing project

Primary Schools of Setúbal . choirs
Carlos Garcia Band
Beatriz Nunes . guest artist
Carlos Garcia . project coordination, arranger and conductor

A concert of beautiful songs – inspired by the ideas and feelings of Home – created and performed by 250 children of Setúbal.

Free Admission

14:30 – 18:00
Auditório da Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Setúbal

Music, Health & Wellbeing –

Symposium #1 Home

Enlightening and inspiring presentations of best practice, at home and abroad, given by leading experts in music, health and wellbeing and reflecting different aspects of the Festival’s theme: Home – working with the elderly in care, people suffering with dementia, individuals who are homeless or displaced, refugees and asylum-seekers, and prisoners.

Free admission for music, health and education professionals and students – reservations essential
€5.00 for general public

Palácio da Bacalhôa (Azeitão)

Music for a palace

Visit to Palace and Gardens

Palmela RC, Academia Luísa Todi . ensembles

Free Admission

Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi

Home Again

Setúbal Youth Ensemble
Clarence Adoo . hi-note
Headspace Ensemble
Merit Ariane . singer
Migue Ângelo da Conceição . conductor

Programme: Sara Ross Winter and Summer, Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian Love like Salt, Steve Reich Clapping Music

Encouraged by the Festival theme of Home Again, we revisit works created by two of the dozen Portuguese and British composers who have written specially and successfully for the Youth Ensemble since its formation in 2014. Their works, with Reich’s famous Clapping Music, reflect the diversity and ambition of this group of musicians.


Monday, May 27th

09:30 – 18:00
Forum Municipal Luísa Todi

Music, Health & Wellbeing –

Symposium #2 Community, Connectivity, Creativity & Culture

Music Therapy / Music Medicine / Community Music: sharing best practice
Cultural / Educational / Health / Social services: building collaboration, communication and a common language
Research / Evaluation: social impact, ‘ripple’ effects and sustainability
Mental health / Physical capacity: neurological questions, technological solutions
Partnerships / Networks

Free admission for music, health and education professionals and students – reservations essential
€10.00 for general public

Forum Municipal Luísa Todi

Headspace Ensemble:

Clarence Adoo . Hi-Note
Torbjorn Hultmark . trumpet
John Kenny . trombone
Chris Wheeler . sound design

Programme: works including John Kenny Salt and HeadSpace

Free Admission


May 4th – 26th

9:00 – 19:00, Wednesday to Monday
Casa d’Avenida

Home Again

Graça Pinto Basto . drawing, painting & texts
Maria João Frade . texts