Sounding the Difference is a musical production with students and elements of special education institutions and music conservatories in the region. This project, which has been the subject of awards and recognition, aims to promote the creativity, autonomy, self-esteem and empowerment of these young people through music and body expression.

The project takes place in fortnightly or weekly sessions with the facilitators, a guest composer artist, the teachers and the participants, ending as a public presentation at the Music Festival.

We have launched the film “Sounding the difference”, produced entirely virtual, conducted by singer and composer Merit Ariane, involving children from APPACDM, Conservatório Regional de Setúbal and Conservatório Regional de Palmela.

A gift of creativity, talent and equality between those who contributed to it that is a reason for pride and hope in a fairer world, here so well captured in the expressions of these children!