The Sound of difference

There is a profound gap between the basic meanings of the verb "to listen" and the verb "to hear". Hearing is directly related to the sense itself: the sense of hearing. Listening means being attentive to an abstract sound or the sound of a word and its meaning, which goes beyond the involuntary act of hearing. It is understanding the meaning of the sound and experiencing it rationally and emotionally. In music, as well as in life, knowing how to listen is much more than hearing. It means empathising with others, understanding them and being understood. The Setúbal International Music Festival promotes the act of listening since its origin. Only by listening, and therefore understanding difference and diversity, will we be able to give voice to a more effective equality where everyone can express themselves through music and culture as a means of sociocultural and artistic inclusion. Music is humanity's universal and emotional language and plays a fundamental role in society as a cultural toll for us to understand the value of difference. Through music we are able to listen and to give voice to each other as part of this world we inhabit. And it is in this sense that the pedagogical intention of the Setúbal International Music Festival remains increasingly active, with close cooperation with the various educational institutions in the Municipality of Setúbal, which is translated through the intense participation of young students in all concerts performed by great and renowned artists from the national and international music scene. Bruno Martins, Resident Artistic DirectorMarcelo Bratke, Guest Artistic Director

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The 10th edition of the Setúbal Music Festival, initially scheduled for the period from 21 to 24 May, had to be postponed to November due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the year it celebrates its 10th Anniversary, the Festival is bringing back together renowned national and international artists with the local community (involving more than 1,500 young people) in creation and musical performances.

From 19th to 22nd November, our city will once again be the stage for concerts, performances, artistic creations, debates and exhibitions, offering an eclectic and quality programme which includes some of the most beautiful pieces of the classical repertoire, as well as more energetic and jazz rhythms and other sounds from more distant places.

The Setúbal Music Festival is more than a Festival, it is a unique socio-cultural phenomenon, pioneer and truly inclusive. The extensive work developed with the young local community and schools enhances musical experiences in young people – some with special educational needs – many of whom would not have them otherwise.

The programme of the 10th edition of the Festival, which this year will be dedicated to the theme “Listening”, will be disclosed from September onwards.

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